Ralf Little tells Graham Norton about Death In Paradise & Jason Manford’s tan

Virgin Radio

9 Jan 2021, 13:23

The former Royle Family star joined The Graham Norton Radio Show today to talk about his not-so-taxing role in the Caribbean and marvelling at Death In Paradise guest Jason Manford’s turbo tan. 

The actor said on having the pleasure of jumping headfirst into the well-loved programme: “Normally, you do a show and you're hoping as you're filming it that the audience is going to like it but you never know...

“So to come into something that's already a huge hit just felt like such a privilege and a joy to step into. Then just before it goes out you think ‘wait a second, what if I completely ruin this?’ 

“It’s a double-edged sword but luckily it seems to be going well, the ratings are still high and everybody's happy, judging by Twitter, which is always a good metric for one's mental health…” he joked.

“When my first episode went out I couldn't watch it because I was too nervous and after about 15 minutes my missus called me and said ‘you can crawl out from under your rock, you're a hit’."

Is he going back for more sun, fun and fatalities in the upcoming series? He admitted: “I’m not in a hurry to not go to the Caribbean for five months and leave a TV show.”

But filming in the Caribbean does have some cracks to it… he said: “It’s a physically demanding job to an extent that would surprise anybody that did it, because it looks so beautiful on screen and it is but what isn't conveyed is the sheer heat, tiredness and general sweaty mess-ness of the whole thing.

“I'm in a suit, tie, shirt, jacket and carrying a bag. That's my only complaint. It's great escapism at the best of times but this year more than ever and thank goodness for it.”

Ralf told Graham about guest star Jason Manford turning up on set with a mega tan. He said: “He came out and I burst out laughing. Also, you’re supposed to be quiet and keep everything as much of a secret as possible and not mention that you're on the show. 

“During lockdown when no one could fly anywhere apart from for work, he posted a picture of himself going ‘just off to film a TV show and I think he even said it was in Guadeloupe,” he joked.

“I mean, I'm not the only detective in the world.”

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