Parents praise Stacey Solomon after confessing she hasn't washed hair for two weeks

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24 Feb 2023, 13:58

Credit: Rex and Getty

Stacey Solomon has always been praised for her honesty and good humour, and now parents can relate to her once again.

Following the birth of her new daughter, Stacey has opened up about how even personal hygiene can go out the window in the early days.

Belle is Stacey's fifth child, and the star has told all in a new video for social media.

She joked in a video that hair washing had escaped her.

"I don’t usually look like this, I’ve put some makeup on because it’s my dad’s birthday, so I’ve tried to make an effort to go for dinner," she admitted.

"By making effort I mean I’ve put some foundation on and a bow in my hair, at the hope that no one will notice I still haven’t washed it since I’ve given birth."

Parents have been praising her honesty for sharing something that is completely normal but often isn't talked about.

Several mums told Metro about what it means to them.

Kirsty Ketley says it is "great that Stacey is being so open and honest" and talked about the pressure parents can face.

"There is too much “perfection” on social media, which can impact a new mum’s mental health" she added.

"I relied on ready meals to eat and couldn’t have cared any less about my looks," she said, talking about the time she looked after her premature children.

‘When they did come home, I was just so happy to feel like a “normal” mum that I just got on with that and shunned the “pinging back into shape” narrative.’

Gemma Lomas added: "I actually think Stacey looks amazing considering she has not washed her hair, I wish mine looked that good after two weeks without a wash!"

"My focus was purely on feeding my newborn and most pictures of us in the early days were me holding her on the sofa or in bed as I couldn’t move very well."

Stacey regularly shares updates on her life with fans.