Do you really need to shower daily?

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27 Jan 2023, 15:48

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Cleanliness has been a hot topic lately.

People have been arguing over everything from how often to wash your pyjamas to how frequently to wash your bedding.

Now the debate has become even more personal, as people are questioning how often you should shower and whether daily bathing is really necessary.

A new survey found some 68% of British people wash themselves every day.

This means nearly a third of us don't wash daily.

The research also compared us to our European counterparts.

It found that 76% of French people and 77% of Germans reported daily washes.

The poll, conducted by Ifop, found that Italians came last in the rankings, with just 53% washing daily.

Relationship status also impacts our cleanliness, as in 2021, a survey found that 54% of singles don’t wash every day.

That's in comparison to 42% of people in relationships, 49% of people who live with their partner, and 46% of married couples.

Is it really necessary to shower daily though?

Skincare experts say it depends on how dry or sensitive your skin is.

It's said if you shower too often you'll strip your skin's natural layers of protection.

"One shower a day is more than enough to keep you clean,’ they said. ‘Some experts actually recommend every other day, depending on your activity levels.

"Certainly, if you adapt your daily routine to the one shower a day rule, you should see your skin start to benefit. If you’re heading to the gym after work, then don’t shower in the morning for example."

A man recently went viral for confession that he only uses water to wash, and never uses soap.

Dr Ross Perry is a medical director of Cosmedics skin clinics.

He told Metro: "Unfortunately, just using water for washing won’t remove dirt, bacteria and germs from our skin."

He continued: "That’s because water alone can’t lift off the invisible oil where the germs are hiding, often tucked into tiny creases in the skin.

"Our hand, faces and bodies have natural oils and germs stick to our oils, meaning that water alone just won’t remove them."

How often do you shower?