How long will your Halloween pumpkins last for?

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25 Oct 2022, 16:35

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If you're carving some pumpkin works of art for Halloween, it can be tricky to time it right.

Too soon and they go to mush, but if you leave it too late to buy one then the shops might sell out.

The usual advice is to leave carving until a day or two before.

Before carving, if stored in a cool area with plenty of circulating air it should last two to three months.

Once you have carved your masterpiece, it will generally last for three to five days.

However, if it's very cold where you are or you keep it in the fridge between uses it can last longer.

Any longer than this and it will begin to turn brown and rot.

Some people choose to paint their pumpkins instead so that they last longer.

Here are some tips from The Sun to make it last longer:

  1. Ensure the pumpkin doesn’t have any holes or damage
  2. Wash it with mild chlorine to get rid of any bacteria
  3. Store in a cool, dry and dark place
  4. Make sure your pumpkin has adequate air circulation after carving
  5. Rub Vaseline or brush diluted lemon juice on exposed parts to prevent them turning brown
  6. Put the pumpkin in the fridge when not being displayed.

Have you tried any of these?

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