Jewellery hack: How to get your jewellery shining with the magic ingredient PEANUT BUTTER

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14 Mar 2022, 16:09

Credit: TikTok

No, you haven't read wrong. One woman has shocked the world with her very unusual jewellery-cleaning method. Peanut butter. YOUR jewellery is looking like it needs freshening up but you don’t want to pay for an expensive cleaning product, fear not.

Jewellery account Northern Ring, aka mynorthernrings, shared the hack on the social media site and blew minds.

Credit: TikTok

The jewellery guru said: “I put my jewellery in peanut butter for 24 hours, to see if it would go green or tarnish.”

The user added: “OMG… Did it get more shiny?!” 

Clocking 1.3million views, impressed users wrote: " 

Credit: TikTok

One person said: “Because of the oil in the peanut butter.” 

Another added: “Toothpaste works great.” 

A third commented: “Try sulfuric acid.”

Will you be Peanut Butter-ing your bling?