Babies born on these dates have the best shot at success

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17 Sep 2021, 12:46

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

September is the most prolific month for birthdays (go Virgos!), but a recent study has shown what days are the most common birthdays among the most successful in society.

The research carried out by genealogy website MyHeritage has analysed the birth dates of the winners of some of the world’s most prestigious awards, from the Pulitzer Prize to the Grammys. They’ve compiled this data of 1000 birthdays to discover which birthdays pop up the most often in the upper echelons of sports, arts, and a range of other industries. 

The methodology compiled 1000 winners from 10 prestigious awards: The Oscars, The Nobel Prize, The Olympics, The Grammys, The World Cup, Michelin Star, The Booker Prize, The Golden Globes, The Pulitzer Prize, and The Palme d’Or.

If you’re planning on raising an Olympic athlete, aim for a January or October birth, with the two months combined accounting for nearly a quarter of Olympic wins. The worst month for athletes is December, with a measly 3% of the athlete birthdays. 

Nobel prize winners do best in spring and summer months, with thirteen wins for March and June and twelve for May. The cold months may be less hospitable for winners of this award, with only five wins for February.

The best months for award winners overall are April and November, with 99 and 94 winners respectively. The April births include Oscar winners Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, and Emma Thompson, with November including Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay.

The least popular months are December and February, with 71 in December and a dramatic drop to 58 in February. However, it’s worth noting that December and February also have some of the lowest birth rates in general, so fewer people means fewer potential award winners anyways.