Muse's Matt Bellamy counts down to the apocalypse after Donald Trump's win

Virgin Radio

17 Nov 2016, 13:40

Matt Bellamy appears to have begun a countdown to the end of the world after Donald Trump won last week's election. 

The Muse frontman shared an article on his Twitter which claimed that the new president-elect could face "a nuclear decision soon”. The rockstar sardonically commented by saying “self-control and restraint, Trump’s strong suit?”

He went on to show the Doomsday Clock, a hypothetical coundown to armageddon, as part of a call for nuclear disarmament. 

He wrote: “When this clock hits 23:58 we must take urgent action; take to the streets and protest 4 global nuclear disarmament.”

See his tweet about the article here. You can look at his countdown tweet here