Nicole and Natalie Appleton reveal their worst habits and guilty food pleasures

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9 May 2024, 13:01

Nicole and Natalie Appleton talk to Mark Wogan

Credit: YouTube @VirginRadioUK

All Saints stars Natalie and Nicole Appleton sit down for a chat with their old pal Mark Wogan on this week’s Spooning podcast. 

The sisters talk with the owner of Homeslice Pizza and son of the late Terry Wogan about their guilty food pleasures, and what they find a bit annoying about their sibling.

The Never Ever singers also speak about how Nicole was featured in the recent Robbie Williams documentary, having been in a relationship with the ex-Take That man in the 90s. When Mark asks how she feels about “being so heavily featured” in it, she replies: “I so don't take things sort of to heart really, you know, when I see stuff.  I was more like, ‘Oh my god aboutlook at what I’m wearing! I wish I had those trousers!’"

Nic adds: “I just love looking at us. That's what I took from it. I was just like, it was just nice seeing footage.” 

Nat says: “It is a bit like having a picture of the past and we don't have many, because all our phones were disposable cameras. Or we've lost them. So it's nice to have images.”

When podcast host Mark asks Nat about Nic's worst habit, she replies: “What annoys me about Nic is that she can sleep just like that.”

Recalling times that they shared rooms together on tour, she adds: “It was just because I was jealous. That was it.”

Regarding what annoys Nic about Nat, Mark says: “I think I know what hers is.”

“Oh you do. Tell me?” Nicole responds. 

Mark suggests: “It's the hand sanitizer thing.” 

Nicole agrees, saying: “Well, to be fair, she actually made the whole country do it two years ago. She still does it now!”

Natalie interjects: “Do you know what it is? Is like if I touch a handle. It's like part of my ADHD thing. It's like that.”

She adds: “I didn’t know about it until I got older.”

When it comes to the singers’ guilty food pleasures, Mark reveals that Nat’s was “Two Big Macs,” and he exclaimed: “What I love about this is, you don't actually eat red meat!” 

Nat says: “The key is guilty. And pleasure.”

She adds: “What I do now is I put the oven on when it's on its way. And that oven’s hot when it gets in. I put it in the oven for two minutes. Just to bring it back to life.

“This is really awful, because I don't do that anymore. I don't eat red meat… I didn't eat Big Macs for like three years. I said to Nic, the worst thing about not eating meat is the Big Mac thing.” 

And as for her sister’s choice, of “tinned ravioli with cheese (“the vegetarian kind), Nic says: “This is my guilty pleasure. I'm starving as well.”

She enthuses: “ could eat this whole thing right now.”

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