Kit Harington shares disappointing update about Game of Thrones spin-off

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10 Apr 2024, 07:47

Credit: Getty / Sky

With it having been revealed back in 2022 that a Game of Thrones spin-off about Jon Snow was on the cards, actor Kit Harington has now provided an update about it.

However, it’s not good news. 

News of the proposed spin-off was teased a couple of years ago by Daenerys Targaryen actor Emilia Clarke, who said “It's happening,” after which author George RR Martin - who wrote the original fantasy series of books - confirmed that something with Jon Snow actor Kit was in the works. 

“Our working title for the show is SNOW. There’s not much more I can tell you, not until HBO gives me a green light,” he wrote on his website.

Now though, two years on, the lead actor in the spin-off has shared a very disappointing update. “I hadn't really ever spoken about it, because it was in development,” the actor told Screen Rant

He explained that he "didn't want it leaked out that it was being developed," and: "I didn't want the thing to happen where people kind of start theorising, getting either excited about it or hating the idea of it, when it may never happen.

He added: "You look at every angle, and you see whether it's worth it.”

The English actor continued: “Currently, it's not. Currently, it's off the table, because we all couldn't find the right story to tell that we were all excited about enough. So, we decided to lay down tools with it for the time being.” 

Whilst that news won’t please fans of the fantasy series, not all hope is entirely lost. “There may be a time in the future where we return to it,” Kit said. “But at the moment, no, it's firmly on the shelf.”

Whilst we won't be seeing SNOW anytime soon, we can at least enjoy a second season of Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon, which returns this summer.

And In addition to House of the Dragon, another Game of Thrones prequel series is also in the works at HBO. Set between the times of House of the Dragon and the original series, A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight is expected to air sometime in 2025.