Ricky Gervais announces new business venture in classic comedy fashion

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28 Nov 2023, 16:46

Credit: Getty/X(Twitter)/@RickyGervais

Ricky Gervais has made a success of practically everything he has turned his hand to, netting him quite a lot of money, and it seems that he's looking to raise his net worth even further by turning his golden touch to a completely new business venture.

The stand up comedian, Ricky Gervais, who is best known for his hit off-beat The Office, which saw him win many awards as well as becoming a cunning business man, when he franchised the show to multiple countries across the world.

Now, in a move similar to that of fictional media mogul Logan Roy, from the hit HBO show Succession, Gervais is looking to aggressively expand his monetary interests and transform into a titan of industry, albeit in a much more humorous fashion than the Waystar Royco family.

Taking to X(formerly Twitter), Ricky shared a video of himself sat beside a rather chic looking bottle of vodka.

Don't worry, Gervais is not about to drink himself into a state worse than that of Darren from accounts in your upcoming office Christmas party.

No, instead Ricky went on to explain, in his classic comedy styling, his purchase of a distillery based right here in the UK, the place that is responsible for making the bottle of vodka.

Gervais explained: "I'm thrilled to announce that I am now the proud co-owner of Ellers Farm Distillery, and we make Dutch Barn vodka."

Before he kicked in with the funny stuff, Gervais espoused some of the brand's admirable attributes, citing how the product 'tastes great' and how they committed to sustainability, with them using only locally sourced apples from the fantastic North Yorkshire countryside.

Some truly noble causes, but don't go thinking that Gervais is too interested in the world's well being just yet, as his favourite reason that the product exists is a little more self-satisfying.

He cheekily continued: "This could literally make me hundreds of millions. So, please buy it!

"Sure, like all strong liquor, it may damage your liver and your well-being," he begrudgingly warned, "but think how happy it'll make me."

He then seemingly signed off with a rather sarcastic reminder of 'saving the planet' before repeating the products name 'Dutch Barn' more empathetically.

Once again, his dry sense of humour seems to have chimed with fans, despite the slyly selfish sentiments of the video, with X (formerly Twitter) users tripping over themselves to praise his 'honesty' and give them their money.

One user branded the video: "The most honest advertisement ever."

Another said: "I don’t drink vodka but I want to help to make you even richer! and I want to help that famous planet of yours too of course."

A third user was clearly overjoyed: "Hahaaaa!Best advert ever! Could you be any more genuine?!" Although they did have to unfortunately note:"It’s a shame I don’t drink alcohol otherwise I’d definitely have bought it!"

It would certainly appear that Ricky has a much better business and comedic sense than his fictional creation, David Brent.

Let's just hope that Ricky saves the world in enough time for him to spend all his new earnings.

You can purchase Dutch Barn from www.ellersfarmdistillery.com