Strictly's Amy Dowden shares health update and recounts 'lovely' experience of attending NTAs

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12 Sep 2023, 07:53

Credit: Rex / Instagram @amy_dowden

Strictly Come Dancing professional Amy Dowden has updated fans on her cancer treatment, her hair loss, and attending the National Television Awards 2023. 

The Welsh dancer was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in May and has undergone a mastectomy. She later shared the news that a second type of cancer had been found, and that she contracted sepsis two days after starting chemotherapy.

In a new update on her Instagram Stories, Amy said: “The third cycle of my chemotherapy has been my best one so far, because obviously - cycle one, I ended up in hospital… infection to sepsis. Number two cycle, I ended up with three blood clots, and this one, no hospital admissions, I just had the usual side-effects from chemo. So very grateful for that… Very happy I didn't end up in hospital."

Explaining the next steps, the 33-year-old said: “I have another EC, the red devil, my last one of them, hopefully, on Thursday and then I go on to a new chemo, so that’s obviously quite daunting because I’ve got used to this chemo, and I don’t know what side-effects I’m going to get from that one. But, I will go in as positive as I possibly can and I’m very grateful to have my family and friends all around me."

She added: “I can say on Thursday, fingers crossed, that I’m half-way through chemo.”

Amy also opened up about her hair loss, saying: “I’m not going to lie, it’s really, really hard.”

She told fans that “I have meltdowns when I wash my hair once a week,” and that “I’m not brushing my hair anymore.”

The dancing star explained that her husband Benjamin Jones brushes it for her. “He gets rid of the hair that’s come out,” she said. 

“I’m obviously aware of it, but I’m not physically seeing or holding the hair I am losing, and that is helping me big time, because if I took my scarf off, you’d see there’s hardly any left, but it’s okay. I keep telling myself, as Tom Hanks says, ‘This too shall pass’ and there’s amazing wigs. I’ve got this lovely headscarf,” she said, referring to the scarf she was wearing in the clip.

Regarding whether she will shave her head, Amy said she is “just not ready yet.”

Along with the health update, the dancer spoke about attending the National Television Awards. “Last week, I did get to the NTAs and it was just so good to be there, and to feel the adrenaline when they said Strictly Come Dancing won, and to be around everybody from Strictly.”

She said that she was “very grateful” to be able to be there. “So that was just lovely.”

At the end of a series of videos, Amy said: “I’m sending lots of love and strength to everyone else going through similar journeys, or need love right now.”