Peaky Blinders fans in tears after one of the most "heartbreaking" scenes ever

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14 Mar 2022, 12:25

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

The third episode of the sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders aired last night and, as usual, it was an emotional rollercoaster.

Warning: spoilers ahead

As Ruby’s condition got worse, Tommy and Lizzie had no choice but to rush her to a hospital where it was confirmed she had ‘consumption’- an extremely infectious tubercular lung infection.

Doctors tried every method to stabilise her, like collapsing her left lung and treating her with gold salts but this failed, and the disease spread to her right lung too.

Not trusting the medical professionals to save his daughter, the superstitious Tommy took it upon himself to embark on a wild goose chase to try and lift the ‘curse’ he believes was placed on his daughter, leaving Lizzie to deal with everything herself.

Tommy’s travels took him deep into the mountains, where he became reacquainted with Esme Shelby-Lee the estranged widow of Tommy’s late brother John, who led him to the person responsible for the curse.

However, his efforts were all in vain because when Tommy returned to the hospital it was too late for Ruby resulting in a truly heart-breaking scene that left viewers in tears.

Taking to Twitter to share their emotions, one person wrote: “Ruby passing away, Lizzie being there alone without any support and Tommy not getting to say goodbye💔 Steven Knight you are a cruel man #PeakyBlinders.”

Another said: “Esme taking Tommy’s time when he could have been with his daughter was definitely her revenge, no curse could beat that. The absolute shock in his face had me bawling. #PeakyBlinders.”

Some fans were even calling it the saddest episode in Peaky Blinders history.

One person said: “One of the most heartbreaking scenes in peaky blinders ever, my heart is hurting so much 💔#PeakyBlinders.”

Despite the sad ending, fans were delighted when Stephen Graham finally made his first appearance as Hayden Stagg in the middle of the episode.

Arthur Shelby and some of the other Peaky boys were sent in search of Stagg, who was working in their warehouse in Liverpool, under an order from Ada.

We were expecting a classic Arthur Shelby rampage, but instead Stagg was able to get into his head after talking about his own battles with addiction and how there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

After his six minutes of screen time, viewers were left hoping that wasn’t going to be the last we saw of Graham’s character.

Writing on Twitter, one viewer said: “We need more of Stephen Graham in this series. Absolutely phenomenal. #PeakyBlinders”

Another wrote: “Stephen Graham just effortlessly lifting this #PeakyBlinders episode up a level. It’s what he does.”

A third commented: “Stephen Graham is a beautiful addition to #PeakyBlinders The man hasn’t done a bad role yet”.

After that whirlwind of an episode, we’re expecting Tommy to return to his old whiskey-drinking days with a new found ruthlessness.

So, if Hayden Stagg is still around, he better watch his back!

Peaky Blinders continues on 20 March at 9pm on BBC One.