Here are the best films to watch for Halloween

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28 Oct 2021, 14:22

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It’s that time of year where the nights draw in, and there’s nothing better than cosying up on the sofa with the sweets you bought (for the trick or treaters, of course) and scaring yourself silly with a spooky film.

Of course, it doesn’t all have to be horror, so there are a few family friendly options in here too.

Halloween (1978) – Netflix

It wouldn’t be October 31st without watching the classic that is ‘Halloween’.

Incredibly, there are now 12 different films altogether if you include the latest, ‘Halloween Kills’, which is in cinemas now.

The film takes place 15 years after Michael Myers was sectioned for murdering his sister on – surprise, surprise – Halloween.He escapes and hunts down more victims.

Hostel – Netflix

The film that made many people rethink their backpacking plans.

‘Hostel’ features three friends who are making the most of their trip abroad, when they are told of the dream hostel in Slovakia, filled with beautiful women.

However, they soon realise it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and there are many secrets.

It’s a battle to get out alive.

Blair Witch Project – Netflix

It’s a classic for good reason – at the time of release it terrified so many people that several fainted in the cinema.

It focuses on three student filmmakers in search of a witch.

The shaky camera work and DIY element meant it was groundbreaking at the time, and well worth another watch to see how it’s aged.

Paranormal Activity – Amazon Prime Video

In the days before everyone had a doorbell camera or documented everything on TikTok, Paranormal Activity provided a fresh angle to the classic horror films.

A young couple move home, and they soon realise they got more that they bargained for when they attempt to document their new house.

Hereditary – Netflix

‘Hereditary’ regularly tops the list for most horrifying films to watch, with many viewers saying they didn’t sleep for days.

It centres around Annie and her family, as they struggle to cope with grief following  the loss of her mother.

It’s not long before supernatural urges take over and reveal family secrets.

Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) – Amazon Prime Video

Another franchise that is still going strong, this remake is just as scary as the original.

There’s a reason so many people still like to dress up as Freddy Krueger for Halloween, as he terrified teenagers in their nightmares. He’s still one of the most horrifying villains.

The Purge – Netflix

File this under “film that could possibly come true some day with the way things are going” – and you’ll soon see why it’s so terrifying.

An annual ‘Purge’ is introduced in the US by the government.

It involves a 12-hour time during which all crimes become legal.

Not only that, but hospitals close their doors and police officers come off duty.

James and Mary place their home on lockdown.

However, a desperate man knocks on their door trying to escape his killers.

Silence of the Lambs – Netflix

One of the most iconic films with quotable lines even decades later.

FBI trainee Clarice tries to understand a serial killer, by questioning the notorious Hannibal Lecter.

Needless to say, he’s not in the mood to be helpful without being incredibly creepy.


Nightmare Before Christmas – Disney+

Many people can’t agree whether or not this is a Halloween film or for Christmas, but seeing as it’s full of friendly spooks in Halloween Town we say it’s suitable for October 31st.

Jack Skellington goes off in search of a different life when he gets bored of the spooks and ghouls of his hometown, and wants to make people happy with festivities.

Muppets Haunted Mansion

A new addition for 2021, if you love the Muppets Christmas Carol then you’ll adore this.

Gonzo goes looking for an adventure in a haunted mansion, inspired by his favourite musician.

It’s a musical with a Muppets twist, and is sure to become a classic.

Addams Family – Netflix

Join Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday and Pugsley for one of the most-loved spooky families.

Their antics still entertain even now, and it can provide plenty of inspiration for Halloween costumes.

Many of us looked like Cousin Itt when the hairdressers closed over lockdown.