Stranger Things series 4: first look scares fans with Creel House horror

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27 Sep 2021, 16:58

Stranger Things can't get any creepier, right? Wrong. The sneak peek of the upcoming supernatural series has blown minds with more deathly disaster on the way.

The new trailer for the Netflix smash goes back in time to see the perfect-looking Creel family in the 50s moving into a new stunning home. The family are then met with strange goings on inside their picture-perfect house, but the father is then seen standing over the dead body of his two children.

Cue the Stranger Things detectives who are then seen in the derelict house looking for clues.

Steve (Joe Keery) is back alongside Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Max (Sadie Sink) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin).

Could an old eery grandfather clock connected to the Upside Down hold the answers? Jim Hopper has been taken by Russian scientists but what will become of hime and what else is there to find out about Eleven’s science experiment background in a Hawkins laboratory?

Fans excitedly wrote alongside it: "This will be the scariest season for sure. I just know it."

Another added: "This is giving me Scooby Doo vibes."

One penned: "The clock at the end makes me feel emotions that don't exist yet."

Executive producer Shawn Levy previously told Variety: "To state the incredibly obvious, it's been way, way, way, way too long, and it's coming.

"It's visually and narratively very ambitious, much more ambitious than the prior three seasons.

"The delay is due in large measure to Covid and the pace at which we have to work to do so safely.

"But, it also happens to be the season that we chose to go much bigger. It's the scale of this season and the multi-settings of season four."

But all will unravel soon. Roll on 2022...