Beloved 80s children's shows will return to TV screens this summer - details

Virgin Radio

10 Apr 2024, 15:10

Model puppets from ITV's Button Moon

Credit: Rex

Two beloved 1980s children’s TV shows are set to be available to watch once again on TV.

Button Moon, which documented the charming adventures of Mr and Mrs Spoon in their handmade universe of Junk Planet, has been acquired by BritBox, and as a result will be available to watch on ITVX this June.

Button Moon originated from a short sketch in the ITV series Rainbow, before it became its own show in 1980. 

The show would go on to successfully be renewed for seven series, each of which contained 13 episodes, all 10 minutes long.

All of the show’s 91 episodes will drop on the streaming website together, alongside other classics such as Willo the Wisp.

Willo the Wisp first aired on the BBC in 1981 and was narrated by beloved Round the Horne and Carry On franchise star Kenneth Williams, who also voiced all of the show’s characters.

This series followed the life of gas sprite Willo and her magical friends Mavis the fairy, Arthur the caterpillar, and Evil Edna the witch.

While Button Moon will be appearing on ITVX in its entirety, only the first two series of Willo the Wisp are being dropped this June, via BritBox, onto the streaming service.

News of both show’s reappearance on TV screens comes as the entertainment industry continues to look to nostalgic old children’s favourites as well as new classics such Bluey for children’s TV ideas.

In October last year, Deadline revealed a reboot of The Wombles was being worked on by How to Train Your Dragon’s Will Davies. Much like the original show, the beloved Wimbledon Common dwellers will one day return to our TV screens to spread their positive messages of sustainability through their amusing tales.

Button Moon and Willo the Wisp will become available to watch on ITVX this June.