Rob Brydon on his tour 'A Night Of Songs And Laughter'

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27 Sep 2021, 15:22

Rob Brydon: A Night Of Songs And Laughter

It's something he's chatted to Graham a few times about, but now he's finally able to do it!

Earlier this year, Rob announced his UK tour 'A Night Of Songs And Laughter' running from this September through to July 2022, including what are set to be two brilliant nights at the London Palladium.

Fresh from a gig in Brighton, Rob joined the Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose to share how it's been hitting the road with his eight-piece band in his long-awaited and first ever tour to combine his comedy and music.

"The thing that stuck me was, we were doing this show, we were on tour whenever it was just before the pandemic, and we cancelled it. We stopped, literally we were on stage in Guildford at G Live, we were doing the soundcheck when the press conference happened and [Boris Johnson] said 'I recommend you don't go to the theatre'"

"I said 'Right then, we have to stop' and I'll never forget - for me it was a case of, okay well I'm going to have to duck and dive for a bit, do the other things I do, but the look in the faces of my musicians for whom a tour is a big chunk of work gone... I'll never forget it."

"They just love being back and we're having the best of times!"

Talking of the 'other things' that Rob Brydon does, it was something a little less expected that caught the attention of Rod Stewart, who turns out to be a fan of one of Rob's smaller roles and told him at an event he was hosting.

He explained: "At this night, I've done a little bit and I go and sit down, and the organiser came over and said 'Oh, Rod really enjoyed that'. I said, 'Rod, what are you talking about, Rod? Rod Hull? I mean who is it?' and she said 'Rod and Penny are here, Rod Stewart!'"

"So I went over later, and when you meet someone like that you really hope they're a fan, that they like some of your best work. So I sort of kneel down next to them and Penny says 'Rob, Rod loves your... loves the...' and I thought, what is it going to be? Is it going to be The Trip? Will it be Gavin and Stacey?"

"She said: 'Rod loves those adverts you do for the cruises' and I said '...really?' because obviously it's work I'm very proud of, but it's not my best work"

"And she said 'Oh yeah, tell him!' and Rod said to me 'Oh that one where you put your hand in your pocket and you take out all that sand, it gets me every time!"

Fancy having Rod Stewart watching your career that closely! Clearly a big fan.

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