Fay Ripley tells Graham Norton about a Gordon Ramsay rift & Simon Cowell regret

Virgin Radio

9 Jan 2021, 11:38

The Cold Feet favourite joined the brand-spanking new Graham Norton Radio Show today to chat about a cooking clash with Gordon Ramsay, turning down a record offer from Simon Cowell and flying the team captain flag on a new TV quiz show.

The actress told the newest member of the Virgin Radio family about her attempts at being a pop star: “Many years ago I did a TV show called I Saw You and I played a nightclub singer. Off the back of that, the Pop Idol panel came to me and asked if I wanted to make a record.

“It was around the Robson and Jerome times when actors were meant to make records and make a fortune. It's the only thing I've ever wanted to do, to make a record, not that I can sing. 

“Of course I want to be a pop star, that’s the goal, it still is, but I rather arrogantly said ‘I’m very busy with work. I'll do it when I get to the second series'. Anyway, we were cancelled. That was the end of that and it didn't happen.”

Talking about her love of cooking, Graham asked what her signature dish is. The star replied: “I think it would probably be the brownies that I cooked in competition against Gordon Ramsay who at the time had 16 Michelin stars, and I beat him in an anonymously-judged competition. 

“I didn't have any Michelin stars and he was very upset, I have to say, and didn't say goodbye to me after the competition. It was on TV on one of his shows where you had to cook against him.”

Graham agreed he had also been on the show, but hadn’t had quite the same taste of success. He said: “I made a dessert and someone said it tasted like granny's knicker drawer, because there was a bit too much lavender in it.”

So is there any chance of any more Cold Feet or is it done and dusted? Fay explained: “I feel that one is not up to us. We all would love to do more, we really love making it but I think it's one of those things that was brought back, it did well, but nobody wanted it to slide off the edge. 

“I don't know if they will bring it back, but I fear they may not."

Fay is starring alongside Rob Beckett and donning a team captain badge on the new pub quiz-style TV show hosted by The Chase pro Paul Sinha. 

She joked: “We made it very fast at the end of last year. I think they made it so quickly because they thought if we get ill, we won't be their problem. It was super fun, high octane and daft. Exactly what we need at the moment.

“Paul, who is the master of all quizzes, takes it very, very seriously. Rob Beckett and myself, maybe not so much but we’re giving it a go.”

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