Angela Hartnett tells Chris Evans about working with Nick Grimshaw and cooking for Stanley Tucci

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16 Dec 2022, 15:05

Angela Hartnett

Chef Angela Hartnett joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to chat about her cooking podcast, Dish, which she co-hosts with Nick Grimshaw.

In the podcast Angela makes and serves delightful dishes, shares cooking tips, and recommends recipes, whilst Grimmy serves the drinks, and they chat to a celebrity guest.

Speaking about how she came to recruit Grimshaw as her co-host, Angel told Chris: “We went on like a speed date to see if we'd get on well and I think we were asked all these different questions. Nick remembers more than me. And he basically said apparently one question was like, ‘What do you put on toast?’ And my reply was just anything, anything's good on toast. And he goes ‘That’s it, I want to work with her’.”

She continued: “We've never worked together and the both of us have the same sense of humour. He knows how to sort of poke fun to make me laugh and stuff and now I know him well, I take the mickey out of him, so we get on really well.”

Even though Nick isn’t as good of a cook as Angela, she says he’s very involved in the process and genuinely interested in food.

She added: “He likes to cook. He likes to understand what's going on. He'll always ask loads of questions. He always says he's gonna recreate it at home but he's never done that yet. But he does love his food and he knows his food.”

Some of the celebrity guests the pair have had on the show include Mary Berry, Dermot O Leary and Alison Hammond, but there is one in particular that Angel remembers the most- Stanley Tucci.

She admitted when the actor came to the show Nick got quite nervous but she loved how much he loved his food.

Angela said: “He [Stanley] loves to cook and he can cook, he's a really good cook, Stanley. And that's how I went off and made him this lovely Spaghetti vongole with clams and everything. And then Nick was quite nervous actually, I’ve never seen Nick Grimshaw nervous, but he was quite nervous.

“He put on his proper best shoes for Stanley, and he made him a cocktail and that's what he was nervous about.”

Dish is currently on its second series and Angela revealed they would be making another one next year.

She said: “I never thought we'd ever end series two because we felt like we're always doing it but it was brilliant. And we've had amazing guests, you know, we've got Hugh Bonneville on, we've got Dermot and Alison on coming up. We've had Annie Mac on- it's gonna be brilliant. There's still great more guests to come.”

Dish series 1 and 2 are available now wherever you get your podcasts.

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