Chris and Rosie Ramsey talk about their new TV show and the secret to a good relationship

Virgin Radio

16 May 2022, 11:08

Tom Allen, Rosie Ramsey and Chris Ramsey at Virgin Radio

Tom Allen, Rosie Ramsey and Chris Ramsey at Virgin Radio

The comedy couple joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to chat about their new TV series, The Chris & Rosie Ramsey Show, about the couple they would most like to interview, and about the secret to a good relationship.

The Chris & Rosie Ramsey Show, which begins tonight (May 16th) at 9pm on BBC Two, follows on from the couple’s hit podcast Sh**ged. Married. Annoyed. Chris and Rosie will interview a different celebrity couple each week, discussing life’s little irritations, asking all about their relationship, parenting, arguments etc. 

Chris told Tom Allen, who was in today for Chris, that the series has been a long time coming: “The show got okayed before the pandemic, so I’ve been sitting and waiting. We did a pilot last year and then we did a pilot, just a couple of weeks ago, like a Show Zero, and the first one we did last week, and it’s coming out tonight. We’re very excited to finally get it out there,” he said.

Explaining what viewers can expect, he continued: “It is an extension of the podcast in the sense that we’re obviously hosting it. So there’s two elements of the podcast right there. We do beefs. We don’t do beefs with each other. So, on the podcast, we ask each other what’s our beef, and it’s almost marriage counselling that we’re doing, isn’t it?” 

Rosie added: “We’re asking our guests what their beef is instead. And we’re finding out from the public what their beef is.”

The guest couple for the first episode tonight are Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo. Chris said: “They are such an incredible couple. They’re so lovely, but they’re obviously from a different world to us.

“You can relate to most relationships on the planet, because a relationship is a relationship, but some of their stories… there was a lot of Barbados and flights being mentioned.”

The host added: “She had a hummus-related beef, which is so on brand. He wastes hummus. I was like, ‘Look, we need to go deeper,’ and then they went for it!”

When asked which celebrity couple the duo would love to have on the show, Rosie responded: “We’ve got this thing about John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. We’re a bit obsessed with them. We very nearly interviewed them a few years ago, and it didn’t happen.” 

Chris agreed: “We’d love to get them on.”

Rosie told Tom about another feature on the show, called It Goes or I Go. “If the person you love owns something that you hate, you can bring it on to the show and we will destroy it if the audience votes for that item. We will destroy it in front of them!” she explained.

Chris added: “Three couples, and they bring a thing each, and one of them loves it and one of them hates it, and the audience decides.” 

Chris and Rosie’s podcast has 100 million listeners, and is the only podcast to remain in the iTunes top ten for an entire year. Chris spoke about another aspect of the podcast that is being carried over to TV. “Since we started the podcast, we had a section where we would ask the public to ask us questions, but it quickly descended into them sending filthy stories and stuff that has happened to them. But they would always use the phrase, ‘Please keep me anonymous’. So we have a famous face reading them out each week. So, tonight we’ve got Judi Love reading one out,” he said.

When speaking about relationships in general, Rosie said: “Anyone who is 100 percent happy, in my opinion, isn’t 100 percent happy, actually.”

Chris agreed, saying: “We’ve got friends who say, ‘We never argue.’ Well, you mustn’t talk then! You mustn’t talk!”

He added: “The joy you get as a married man when you see other people arguing, and it’s not you for a change!”

When speaking about how they make their own marriage work so well, Rosie said: “Have a laugh, don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Chris added: “Communication as well. We do the beefs on the podcast, What’s You Beef?, and each week we say what we’ve annoyed each other about, and we make fun of it.” 

Rosie said: “We do have a really good relationship, but at the same time elements of it can be terrible. I think we’re 80 percent happy? 83? Is that bad?”

Chris joked: “We’ll talk about it in the car.”

The Chris and Rosie Ramsey Show premieres tonight at 9pm on BBC Two.

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