Craig Revel Horwood on The All Balls and Glitter Tour: “It’s going to be really good fun”

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1 Mar 2022, 13:48

Strictly Come Dancing star Craig Revel Horwood joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about taking his debut solo tour on the road. 

When explaining The All Balls and Glitter Tour, which kicks off later this month, the dancer, choreographer, conductor, and theatre director told Chris: “I’m putting my life story basically on stage. It’s a bit like Desert Island Discs, but I’m singing my own songs and, I guess, singing the soundtrack to my life, darling, and all the jobs I’ve done before. And, obviously some backstage goss from Strictly, all of that stuff. It’s going to be really good fun.”

Craig’s professional training started in Australia before he came to Europe and joined the famous Lido De Paris company as a dancer, became a principal singer at the Moulin Rouge, and performed in the likes of Cats and Miss Saigon in the UK. Expanding on what fans can expect from his new show, the performer said: “Act one is sort of about me growing up in Australia, and then all the music of my life up until the point where I got Strictly, and then act two is all the Strictly stuff, which will be good fun.

“I’m singing things from musicals like Cats and Miss Saigon. I’m singing a Whitney Houston number, darling, which will be a bit of a challenge! But it’s all going to be really good fun, and all light-spirited, lighthearted.”

He added: “I wrote a number when I was seven. I’m going to perform that for the first time ever, so that’ll be interesting!”

Craig also noted that there will also be “a bit of comedy in there, and some poignant moments about my father and family, of course, back in Australia.” 

And the Strictly legend told Chris that he’s got a pal joining him on the tour. “I’ve got an accomplice onstage who is going to be playing the piano for me: my good friend Ben Goddard, who I’ve directed in many shows before," he said. "So, he’s coming out of retirement to do that, which will be really good, because we’re great mates, so we should have a real laugh onstage, and provide everyone with the entertainment I think that they deserve, darling."

The All Balls and Glitter Tour was booked two years ago, but, like so many productions, has been delayed because of the pandemic. “I’m very much looking forward to getting around the country and actually meeting all the fans, and finally getting the show on the road,” Craig said.

“I’m in training at the moment, because I’m putting a bit of dance into the show as well. So I’m just trying to lose the extra pounds, darling, that I had through Covid, and that should fall off me, darling. That should drop off me, and I’ll be fit and ready!”

If you are heading along to one of the shows, you might want to think of a question to ask, as there will be a Q&A section in act two. “People can ask me anything they want! I don’t care what it is,” Craig said. “It’s not vetted at all. Whether it be personal, whether it be about my private life, I don’t care, darling! I’ll answer any question!” 

The tour kicks off in Cheltenham on March 24th, and finishes up in London on 27th May. When Chris asked whether Craig had performed the show in front of anyone yet, the performer responded: “I’ve done it in front of the mirror so far! But I am actually going into rehearsals next week. I’ve got a two-week rehearsal period and then a couple of try-outs in front of an audience, and I’ll ask questions of what they loved, what they hated, and open the following day, after the two try-outs, in Cheltenham, and then we’re on, darling! But some of it is actually pretty much improvised, which is going to be good fun.”

During their chat, Chris also asked Craig what it was like to be on The Masked Dancer as Knickerbocker Glory, to which he replied: “It was really frightening, I’ve got to admit. Only because you’re wearing a massive head, it’s really difficult to do turns, it’s really difficult to see, you can’t hear properly, so you’re hampered from the beginning. But [it was] a real challenge for me to do all the choreography in six-inch heels, a corset and a great big head on my shoulders!

“But I really loved it. I really enjoyed it, and it was great to get out there as a judge and be judged. I thought it was about time I put my money where my mouth is. 

“That’s sort of what I’m doing with the one-man show, really. I’m just saying to people, I don’t just do Strictly Come Dancing. I love performing and I love being on stage. I love singing, I love dancing. So it’s going to be cool!”

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