Eleanor Mills talked to Chris Evans about finding new inspiration in your mid-forties

Virgin Radio

17 Mar 2021, 11:28

It can sometimes feel like life is geared up to those in their teens and twenties, but Eleanor Mills wanted to make something for women in their mid-life and beyond.

She was a guest on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning to talk about her new project, Noon

Eleanor explained what gave her the push to set it up: "I left the Sunday Times about exactly this time last year, and I went into a bit of a decline. I'd been there for 23 years and it was just so weird when you stop doing something you've been doing that for so long."

"I just felt like all the scaffolding of my life have kind of been taken away: my kids were going off to uni, and I felt really empty nest pangs. I remember hearing you speak about Eckhart Tolle's Power Of Now and I started listening to it on my audiobook, and I think it completely changed my life."

"I started thinking about all the other women who were in the same situation. I also really wanted to try to help other women who found themselves at a crossroads in midlife."

Eleanor says she looked online and couldn't find anything suitable. "There was just nothing, nothing to help. So I decided that I would set something up to help women like me. I wanted to read something which would give me a map of how to get out of there at that point."

Eleanor says that life now feels much better after the changes she made: " feel complete. I feel like a teenager again, completely energised. I feel so free and purposeful."

She adds: "We have a real community and support and lots of expert advice, I put together an amazing load of women who can help other women. It's all about redefining this whole kind of midlife - what I like to call your noon time'.