Chris Evans and Graham Norton talk about how their new TV ad was nearly very different

Virgin Radio

17 Mar 2021, 09:40

Have you seen the new Virgin Radio UK advert? Chris Evans “welcomes” Graham Norton to his weekend show, in the new ad released this week.

The tongue in cheek ad plays on how Chris might be regretting luring Graham to Virgin Radio. Back in September 2020 Graham was a guest on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about his latest bestseller, Home Stretch. At the time, Graham said he could see his house from the studios on the 17th floor of The News Building, and Chris teased him about joining. 

The spoof ad sees Chris in a studio reflecting on whether he’s made a mistake as Graham is pampered in the control room. Chris ends up taking his frustration out on a ukulele and a guitar bemoaning: “All he does is two shows a week.... and he gets the nice biscuits!”.

This morning on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky, Graham Norton joined him to talk about the new ad. It turns out, they very nearly had a different theme.

Chris asked Graham if he had seen the original script. "The one that had us playing ping-pong?" asked Graham.

It turns out there was something even more lavish in mind originally. Chris recalls: "There was an initial fully formed script where you and I were living together in an apartment. It was set in the kitchen and we both had silk dressing gowns on... Yours was turquoise, mine was ruby red."

"Is this a dream you've had?" quipped Graham. "Always.... no it was real! It is actually just the famous kitchen sketch that Morecambe and Wise did but 50 years later and not starring Morecambe and Wise basically" explains Chris.

"It would have taken us a month to do that like Morecambe and Wise. That kitchen scene is amazing," adds Graham.

They had nothing but praise for each other's acting skills in the final ad though, which Graham described as “really posh.”. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it below.