Tom Kerridge explains how his new cookbook and cookery show is a call back to ‘old school TV’

Virgin Radio

6 Jun 2024, 13:19

Tom Kerridge and Chris Evans chatting in the Virgin Radio studio

Credit: Virgin Radio

Tom Kerridge was full of joy about his new cookbook and upcoming TV show while speaking with Chris Evans this morning (6th June).

Chatting with listeners on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar, the three-time Michelin star chef revealed all about his latest book, Tom Kerridge Cooks Britain, which is out today.

Inspired by the Great British Menu star’s travels around the UK meeting farmers who grow and rear the best of British produce, Tom Kerridge Cooks Britain offers an inspiring look at some of the nation's simplest and most delicious recipes.



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Kerridge’s book will tie into a six-part ITV cookery and travel show of the same name which is set to air in July this year. Plus, as the 1950s food truck the chef uses to travel around in the show suggests, the programme aims to capture a lost age of TV travel and cookery shows.

“It’s a nod back to… like old school TV,” Kerridge told Chris. “When I first started cooking, Gary Rhodes - who I also ended up working [with], what a hero - he used to do this Rhodes Around Britain show, where he would drive around the country, visit producers. And it was beautiful and brilliant!

“And Rick [Stein] did one where he’s in a Land Rover, so it’s a very similar thing,” the celebrity cook continued.

With his show’s nostalgic return to a tried and tested TV cook show formula, Kerridge is hoping - as with his new cookbook - to “remind [us all] of why Great Britain is amazing” for food.

The focus of the show and his recent book was always the food. “[I’d] cook a dish with the truck, simple, easy, and make it the hero,” Kerridge explained. “So actually, the recipes that come with [the show] are really simple and easy and quick, and they’re just a celebration of what we’ve got in front of us.”

Asked what makes Britain such a great place for produce all year round, the TV star suggested: “We’ve got four defined seasons, and they really… We’re not that regional in terms of produce, [but] what we are is seasonal.”

Tom Kerridge Cooks Britain: A Journey Through The Best of British Food is available to buy now. Its accompanying TV show will air on ITV1 and ITVX in July.

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