Lawrence Dallaglio tells Chris Evans about cycling with an 80s pop icon on his charity cycle slam

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24 Apr 2024, 13:51

Lawrence Dallaglio talks to Chris Evans.

Credit: Virgin Radio

Lawrence Dallaglio took time out of his latest epic cycle ride to tell Chris Evans all about the good cause he is riding for.

The retired English Rugby legend called in to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar and said: “We've cycled over 1500 kilometres from Rome, and we're arriving in Nice, which is very nice! We've cycled over, I don't know, about 14,000 metres of mountains and hills, and there are some very, very sore cyclists!” 

He added: “In fact, none of us are cyclists. I think that’s the problem.”

The Dallaglio Cycle Slam has been going for a while now, with the rugby ace explaining: “Since I retired in 2010, I've cycled from Athens to London. I've cycled from Rome to Edinburgh.”

And one of the many riders taking part this time is a pop icon. “Andrew Ridgeley is onboard this year.”

Speaking more about the Wham! star, Laurence added: “He has been a big supporter, a very good cyclist, annoyingly. Although he does weigh about 60 kilos. So he's like, he's like a little whippet.”

On how the challenge has gone this time round, the 2003 Rugby World Cup winner said: “We've done 10 days of cycling, roughly in the saddle for five to six hours a day. We've gone through some amazing scenery of mountains, hills, wine regions. And we've had probably close to about 30 to 40 cyclists taking part, all raising lots of money. I think we're up to over a quarter of a million pounds raised so far, and I want to hit about £300,000.”

The epic ride is once again raising much-needed funds for Dallaglio RugbyWorks (DRW). “RugbyWorks is a charity that was set up 10 years ago,” the ex-England captain explained. “We work with kids who have been expelled, excluded from school, and get them into full time employment and education. And we do that with about an 85 percent success rate.”

Telling Chris that his “simple view on life is that no kids are born bad,” Laurence said: “Just to alarm people, there's 160 young people being expelled every single week from school, between the ages of 14 and 17. And currently 65 percent of everyone in prison has been expelled from school.

“Our job is to make sure the excluded are included in society.”

The cycle slam started on Saturday 13th April and finishes tomorrow - Thursday 25th April. Donate now via:

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