Richard Osman tells Chris Evans why he is giving Thursday Murder Club a ‘rest’ and what he’s doing next

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12 Sep 2023, 11:08

When Richard Osman joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to talk about his brand new book, he explained why the following one won’t be part of the Thursday Murder Club series

The writer’s new story, The Last Devil To Die, lands on Thursday (14th September) and is the fourth instalment in his massively successful run of books set in a retirement village in the South East of England. However, when speaking about what he is working on next, he explained: “I'm 20,000 words into the new one, and it's a new series as well. So, it's not Thursday Murder Club, the next one.”

However, don’t panic, because popular characters Joyce, Ron, Elizabeth and Ibrahim will return in time. “They’re coming back! Don't worry about that. I’m giving them a year off,” Richard clarified.

“What happens in The Last Devil To Die, they go through quite a lot. So I'm giving them a year off to get some rest and recuperation. So, I’m doing a new series for next year.”

Explaining what shape the new series of books will take, the author told Chris: “It's about a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law detective duo. And the father-in-law's got a tiny little investigations agency in a village in the New Forest. He used to work at the Met but he does not want to go back to London. He barely wants to go to Southampton. So, he does little insurance jobs, finding your cat. He’s got the loveliest life. He just wants to do his pub quiz in his beautiful village. 

“And his daughter-in-law is a close protection officer for billionaires. And so she's always in Dubai and on private yachts. And she gets in trouble, and the only person she can send for and she can trust is her father-in-law. So, he has to fly out on a private jet, much to his chagrin. He's not happy on there. And essentially it's their adventure.” 

Speaking about where he gets his ideas from, the writer and presenter said: “Ideas are not the thing in books, characters are the thing. If you think about your favourite books ever, and you want to tell me the plot, you sort of can't a lot of the time. You can't really remember, but characters stay with you forever and ever and ever. And if you love a character, you'll stay with their story. So it's not what happens in the book, it’s ‘Why do I care what happens in the book?’."

On what the future looks like, Richard said: “I’m doing two more Thursday Murder Club books, but also two more in this new series. So that's sort of the next four years really. And as little TV as possible and as much writing as possible.”

And we can dive into The Last Devil To Die later this week. “This time, there's all sorts. There's drug dealers, there's art forgers, there's romance fraud. There's a lot going on,” Richard said. “There's quite a big emotional kick in this book as well and I bring up quite a few storylines to an end, because it's the last of these first four.” 

When Chris asked how that felt, the writer replied: “I was crying, but I was also laughing at other bits as well. So, I think that's nice. And I think people will like it. Certainly the reviewers have been very nice about it.” 

Richard also spoke to Chris about what is happening with the Thursday Murder Club film adaptation. Read about it here.

The Last Devil To Die is out this Thursday (14th September).

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