Richard Osman tells Chris Evans about The Last Devil To Die and shares Thursday Murder Club film update

Virgin Radio

12 Sep 2023, 10:19

Richard Osman talks to Chris Evans at Virgin Radio

Richard Osman joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to talk about his new book and to give an update about what is happening with the Thursday Murder Club movie adaptation.

The Last Devil To Die - which is out this Thursday (14th September) - is the fourth instalment in the novelist and presenter’s Thursday Murder Club’ series. Once again, readers will enter Coopers Chase, a retirement village in the South East of England. “There’s four of them. The A-Team, you got Joyce, who was a former nurse, who writes the diary, there's Elizabeth, who's a former spy, there is Ibrahim who's a psychiatrist. And there's Ron who's a former trade union official, West Ham fan,” Richard explained.

“So four of them, very unlikely friends, and they used to meet up to go over old unsolved murders, and now murder has come to their doorstep, essentially, and comes even more so in this new book.” 

On the return of the much-loved characters, their creator said: “It's the same gang. And, they're so ridiculously real to me now as human-beings, that people on the street come and talk to me about them.” 

The latest book follows 2020’s The Thursday Murder Club, The Man Who Died Twice from 2021, and last year’s The Bullet That Missed.

The first story in the series, The Thursday Murder Club, is the fastest selling debut of all time. With Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg having bought the film rights to it in a 14-way auction, Richard gave an update on the movie’s project. He told Chris: “It’s [got] an American director, but an American director who has worked a lot in England, and it will be entirely English, which does not say all the actors will be English.

“It was supposed to be filming now, and of course, it's not because of the strikes.”

When Chris asked Richard if he knew who would be in the film, the House of Games star replied: “Well, not now. Because, of course, you know what actors are like. They have windows where they're available. And suddenly the window shuts, so it changes.

“People are still negotiating.”

The author said that “it was being cast, and it was about to be made," before the strikes kicked in. He added: "But, that's why I didn't get involved in the films. It's a mess, that industry. Always something goes wrong.”

While we await the Thursday Murder Club film adaptation, we can at least get stuck into The Last Devil To Die. “If you love the series, I think you're gonna love this one. I think there's a lot of heart in it, I think. But lots of jokes as well,” he said.

The writer went on to explain why he is giving the Thursday Murder Club series a "rest" after this book, and what he is doing next. Read about it here.

The Last Devil To Die is out this Thursday (14th September).

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