Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock on touring with Blondie and new album Consequences Coming

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27 Jan 2023, 11:33

Glen Matlock

Credit: Rex

Former Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock has announced he'll be dropping new music with upcoming album, Consequences Coming, which is just another notch on his already insanely busy schedule. 

The musician and songwriter, who was part of the original line-up of punk pioneers Sex Pistols, has dropped his new album, alongside lead single, Head on a Stick, which is out now.

During an exclusive chat with about his new project, Glen revealed what inspired the rocky politically-charged tune, and why he feels the tides are starting to turn. 

He explained: “It's just my take on what's going on in this country and the kind of big lurch to the right of the Western world at the moment, which I think is preposterous and not doing many people many favours. I think people should be held to account and that's what I like to say. Metaphorically, a few people made an example and foisted it all upon us.

“But I think there's beginning to be a few chinks in what's going on, and people are wising up to them. Music can be many things but I think one of the things it should be is kind of speaking truth to power, and that's what my song is about.”

Inspiration for the upcoming album, Consequences Coming, which is out 27th April, can come from everywhere, and Glen knows he’s onto a winner when he can’t get the idea out of his head. 

When asked about how the process of making music has changed since his Pistol days, he shared: “I think I write a song in the same way that I've always done over the years. And I've written many songs with different bands. I see something and I've tended to write a lot of songs just walking down the street. 

“You see something, might be a newspaper headline, you might overhear something, you get a little tune in your head, and it becomes like an ear worm. When that idea doesn't go away, that's when you then pick up the idea to work it out a bit more, it's the ones that don't go away.”

It’s not just solo work that is keeping Glen busy, but he’s also performing alongside Blondie on their own upcoming album, and will head back out on the road with them once again this year. 

Spending time with Debbie Harry and the gang began when he first met their drummer, Clem Burke, back in 1978, and Glen has since become their go-to when it comes to bass. 

Life on the road with Blondie is anything but ordinary, according to Glen, who said of his experience: “It's quite a big deal, They've got a whole crew. When I do my stuff, I have to organise things, and I don't mind doing that. I actually quite like driving to the gig myself. But with Blondie, somebody makes sure you get in the limo and then you end up on the stage, and somebody hands you a guitar that's already in tune and you play. There's nothing wrong with that. 

“That's how it should be, you're concentrating on what you're doing. The thing with music is…I've done some really big things and some little things and things in between. It's like a sonic wave. It’s like that Ronan Keating song, Life is a Rollercoaster? It certainly is in my case, but you roll with it!”

Glen’s new single, Head on a Stick, is out now. His upcoming album, Consequences Coming, is out on 27th April.