Sir Rod Stewart offers to pay for life saving scans after hearing about NHS crisis

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27 Jan 2023, 08:38

Sir Rod Stewart

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Sir Rod Stewart has said he will be paying for 10 or 20 hospital scans after hearing about the long waiting lists in the NHS.

The singer called into Sky News during the ‘your say’ segment, which talked about people’s healthcare experiences and said he was prompted to do something after hearing about the “ridiculous situation” in the NHS.

Stewart explained he had attended a private clinic on Thursday that was “basically empty” and said he wanted to pay for 10 or 20 scans, stating there are people that are dying because they are not getting treatment.

He said: “And listen to me, I don’t need publicity. I just want to do some good things and this I think is a good thing. And if other people follow me, I’d love it.”

This singer was then asked about his own experience of the healthcare system after going through two bouts of cancer.

He replied: “Well obviously it wasn’t the NHS, I went privately because I’ve got a few shillings as you know. It was tremendous.

“But this NHS has to be rebuilt. It’s been around since 1947. It’s got to be rebuilt with billions and billions of dollars.”

Rod Stewart

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Speaking more about the current strikes taking place, the pop icon said he fully supported nurses and added he was “on their side”.

He continued: “They’re not asking for a great deal. I personally have been a Tory for a long time, and I think the government should stand down now and give the Labour Party a go at it because this is heartbreaking for the nurses. It really is heartbreaking.

“In all my years of living in this country, I’ve never seen it so bad, and anything I could do to help. Poor nurses, I’m on your side.”

Sir Rod concluded: “This is a bad time for us in Great Britain, it really is. Change the bl**dy government.”

He added: “It’s just terribly sad. I’m so proud to be British and I can’t stand it being this way.”