Ed Sheeran is working on a documentary

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25 Oct 2022, 12:02

Ed Sheeran performing onstage

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Ed Sheeran fans are going to be very excited to watch a new documentary the star is working on.

He recently revealed that he has been joined by a camera crew on his Mathematics Tour for a documentary.

Sheeran says he is trying to decide what should be included in the documentary.

"We are shooting a documentary at the minute around my life and there was a big conversation about what do we include," he shared.

"As long as it's honest and it links in with a theme of something that's in a song - there is no point in putting something in if it's detrimental to my life.

"It's a very fine line, that's why I live where I live (in Suffolk) and I don't live in Los Angeles. My life as a celebrity is switched on when it needs to be switched on... but when I go home I am a friend, a dad, a husband, a son. You can't bring celebrity baggage into a pub in Suffolk, you just have to be yourself."

Ed and his wife Cherry Seaborn have two daughters together.

"They come with me, I have been on tour for the entire year," he said.

"We have been renting houses, so we lived in Dublin for a week, Limerick for a week, Frankfurt for a week. It is fun."

Ed recently offered to buy Lewis Capaldi's house off him after he said it was awful, following Ed's recommendation.

Capaldi also said he wants to form a supergroup with Ed and several others.