Chester Bennington's widow remembers her last kiss with the Linkin Park frontman

Virgin Radio

21 Jul 2022, 13:23


The singer has been gone for five years.

To commemorate the five-year anniversary of Chester Bennington's death on Wednesday, the Linkin Park frontman's widow Talinda shared a heartfelt TikTok about the last time she kissed Chester.

"Just sitting here thinking that I can't believe it's been 5 years since I last saw you and kissed your sweet face goodbye," the 45-year-old 320 Changes Direction founder wrote in text displayed over the video.

She continued; "5 years. I didnt think I could breathe this long without you. R.I.P. my love #grief #widow #suicideawarness."

Chester died, aged 41, in July, 2017. Talinda launched the nonprofit 320 Changes Direction after his passing, in an effort to "change the culture about mental health, mental illness, and wellness."

The pair shared three children together. Son Tyler Lee, and twin daughters, Lily and Lila. The Linkin Park singer was also father to three other children from previous relationships, including one adoption.

In March gone, Talinda celebrated what would've been Chester's 46th birthday by posting an old photo of her husband holding a present while flashing a smile to her Instagram page.

"Happy Birthday my love!" she wrote. "We miss you so much. The pain doesn't get any easier but you get used to it is what they say. I'm not sure I believe that at all. There's no getting used to this type of grief.

"I'm doing my best to raise our babies the way we always talked about," she continued. "You were my other half and it is so hard walking without you. I love you and we are celebrating you today."

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