Sex Pistols star John Lydon says "I'm actually really, really proud of the Queen"

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16 May 2022, 15:24

Pic: Rex

Contrary to popular belief, Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon (formerly Johnny Rotten) says he's proud of our monarch.

The lead singer of the Sex Pistols rose to fame with the royal bashing 'God Save The Queen' but he has gone on record saying he is proud of Her Majesty.

Released back in 1977 during Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee, Lydon called the monarchy a "fascist regime".

The lyrics also referred to the Queen as "no human being".

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Lydon explained his opinions: "It's anti-royalist, but it's not anti-human.

"I've got to tell the world this," he says. "Everyone presumes that I'm against the royal family as human beings, I'm not.".

Saluting, he added: "I'm actually really, really proud of the Queen for surviving and doing so well. 

"I applaud her for that and that's a fantastic achievement. I'm not a curmudgeon about that."

However, he added: "I just think that if I'm paying my tax money to support this system I should have a say so in how it's spent."

"I think it's possibly the end of the monarchy because Prince Charles is not going to be able to handle it. This is the man who plays Pink Floyd to his cabbages."That's a shame too, cause I do love pageantry. I'm a football fan, how could I not? I like watching royal weddings because I love watching spitfires and B-52s and the like flying over [Buckingham] Palace. I get quite emotional with all that. I love me country, I love me people and everything about it, but if there's problems in it, I think I have the right to say so."

A new film based on the Sex Pistols is coming out soon.