Marc Almond said Soft Cell weren't "good enough" to support David Bowie

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16 May 2022, 14:59

Pic: Rex

Soft Cell's Marc Almond says he's "glad" he never "properly met" David Bowie.

It turns out that the band were invited to support Bowie on tour in the 1980s, however the band turned down the offer.

Almond says they felt they weren't worthy of opening for the star, and claimed they weren't "good enough" for the accolade.

Even now, Marc still thinks it was the right call.

He said: "We said we didn't think we were good enough.

"We were quite shambolic live, especially back in those days. And I thought he's going to laugh at us.

"A part of me thinks it would have been lovely but I'm glad that I never properly met Bowie."

He once sat through an opera he wasn't enjoying because he didn't want Bowie to think badly of him.

He told the Daily Star: "I sat a few seats away from him in New York once and it was this boring opera, really terrible.

"I really wanted to leave in the interval but thought, 'If I Do, will Bowie think I'm an ignorant person?'

"So we got up at the interval and I followed him out, we had a sideways glance walking into the foyer and he and his wife ran as fast as possible to the door.

"I was like, 'Hurrah, we can go, Bowie has decided it's not for us.'

"I did keep taking a look at him and noticed he was nodding off."

Almond also admitted he was "quite emotional" hearing his new song, which features the Pet Shop Boys.

He said: "When I heard what they'd done with our song I was quite emotional.

"I'd wanted to work with them for years but never had the never so to hear them on our music was really special."