David Bowie and Queen recorded Cream covers during their Under Pressure sessions

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11 Mar 2021, 15:53

Their version of together is iconic, so fans will be very excited to hear there are unreleased tracks from the same sessions.

Queen were recording in Switzerland in the summer of 1981, when David Bowie came in to ask for advice about record advances as he searched for a new label.

It soon turned into a boozy jam session, and the rest is history.

In a new interview with Roger Taylor and Brian May, they recall the legendary night.

They were apparently playing “all sorts of old songs … whatever came into our head” according to Roger.

'Under Pressure'

was the one that clicked. Later that year it would become Queen’s second UK No 1, and Bowie’s third.

The duo revealed that further recordings exist from those sessions.

There are also some covers of songs by Cream.

“If we look to the archives, yeah, there’s probably stuff,” says Taylor. “We would do the odd thing like covering old Cream songs. I remember we did NSU and I Feel Free, just for a laugh really, and then we decided, ‘Let’s write one for ourselves.’”

'Under Pressure'

was a huge success despite neither band promoting it.  “The single sleeve had no photographs, its video was cobbled together by David Mallett from stock footage,” O’Leary wrote in Ashes to Ashes – and they never performed the song together, even at Live Aid where they both appeared.

Bowie didn't perform it live until the 1992 memorial concert for Mercury.

May said they all focused on ' “That became very much the priority,” said May. “So there are only little sketches apart from that.”