Will ABBA perform at Eurovision 2024?

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9 May 2024, 15:52

Pic: Getty and Eurovision

Eurovision 2024 is almost upon us, and the famous song contest is taking place in Sweden on what is the 50th anniversary of ABBA winning the competition.

The band took the crown with Waterloo, and many viewers are hoping for a special performance from the icons.

Fans are eagerly waiting to find out if they will get to see the iconic band performing.

Rumours have been rife ever since Loreen was crowned as winner of the contest last year with her song Tattoo, and it was confirmed that the 2024 edition would take place in Malmö.

Eurovision is back once more and while everyone is abuzz with excitement to find out who will be crowned the next winner, there are plenty who have been speculating whether or not ABBA will perform at the contest.

However, it doesn't seem likely, unless one of ABBA has had a serious change of heart from 2023.

"I don't want to," Benny Andersson said to the BBC in 2023.

He added: "And if I don't want to, the others won't. It's the same for all four of us – someone says, 'no', it's a no."

Bjorn Ulvaeus insisted: "We can celebrate 50 years of ABBA without us being on stage."

Executive supervisor of Eurovision Martin Österdahl insisted to Deadline that the song contest will still mark the anniversary.

Could the ABBA holograms be making an appearance? An insider has hinted that the tribute will be "something never seen on TV before".

He said: "We've got Sweden's historic seventh win, tying the all-time record with Ireland, we've got Loreen who is the champion and the only woman to ever win this contest twice, and of course, there's this particular group called ABBA that won the contest 50 years ago with Waterloo. We will be celebrating all these things."

We'll have to wait and see.

Fans will be watching to see how the United Kingdom's Olly Alexander scores, as well as Ireland's Bambie Thug.