Celine Dion says iconic Titanic track nearly didn't happen

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24 Apr 2024, 12:25

Pic: Celine Dion Twitter

My Heart Will Go On is arguably one of the most famous sound track songs ever, and Celine Dion has revealed she originally didn't want to record the Titanic track.

It went on to win many awards and broke thousands of hearts when the film came out, with Celine's soaring vocals cementing the song in music history.

However, in a new interview, Celine has revealed she initially refused to do it and that director James Cameron also didn't want the song for the film.

My Heart Will Go On sold more than 2.1 million copies, and is one of the biggest selling songs by a female artist in the UK.

The song was originally meant to be instrumental, appearing at key points in the film.

Reportedly, Cameron had said: “My movie is big enough, I don’t need something bigger, I don’t need any singer.”

Celine had also refused, saying she didn't want to do it as she had just finished some big projects.

"The writer came secretly. I was in las Vegas, he started to play us the song.... I said I don't want to sing the song."

They suggested that they go to Los Angeles and record a demo. "I don't want to sing the song, the director doesn't want to have the song, and I know when I get into the studio and I hear music, I get into character, I sell it to myself."

She said she was already in tears for the demo as the song and story was emotional, and it was recorded in one take.

Celine said she never re-recorded the song, and it was a one-take demo version that we hear on the official recording. What a talent!

Cameron was asked to listen to the song just once, and he loved it, saying he "felt like it gave a resonance to the rest of the movie.”

The rest is history.

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