Liam Gallagher brands Dua Lipa 'jealous’ after she calls Britpop acts ‘obnoxious’

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24 Jan 2024, 14:11

Britpop powerhouse Liam Gallagher has branded pop singer Dua Lipa “jealous” after she described some behaviour in the musical genre as “obnoxious”. 

The New Rules hitmaker originally shared her love of Britpop acts Blur and Oasis to Rolling Stone magazine, and while admitting she’d never “had any encounters with them,” she’s also made a decision to “separate the art from the person” due to the various wild antics the Britpop movement was known for. 

She told the publication: "The way that [some Britpop artists] acted, the things that they’ve done, they’re obnoxious for sure. There’s so much toxicity in the way people wanted their artists or their musicians.

“If they weren’t like that, they would’ve been seen as boring, and I think that’s such a bad way to see things.”

Hearing the comments by Dua from a fan, Oasis frontman Liam decided to respond via his favourite method, X (previously Twitter). 

When someone asked about the remarks, Liam simply replied: “She’s just jealous."

One different fan was unhappy with that response, writing: “Dua Lipa's one of the biggest pop stars on the planet - she's not jealous of you and she has a fair point Liam.”

Clarifying his own argument about Dua being jealous, the Wonderwall singer added: “She’s jealous we can swear and tell people to f*** off and she can’t.”

Dua’s comments and Liam’s rebuttal comes just a few weeks after the singer teased that he might be bringing out more music with The Stone Roses guitarist John Squire

The indie duo first revealed their plans for a collaboration in December, and have since released their first single together, titled Just Another Rainbow.

Those 10 tracks might not be the only offering according to Squire and Gallagher, who sat down with The Guardian for a new interview. 

“The guitar fights back,” he said, while Gallagher continued: “If John comes up with another load of songs that are banging, they’ll get it as well.”

The Champagne Supernova hit-maker added: “Squire’s got a lot more in him. People look at John as this guitar hero, but he definitely knows how to write a f****** song.”