Lulu warns 'die-hard fans' next 'celebration' tour will be her last

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24 Jan 2024, 11:27

Lulu on Lorraine

Credit: Rex

Lulu has revealed she plans for her next tour to be her last.

Speaking on Lorraine on 24th January, the Scottish hit singer shared that she’s decided to slow down, despite not wanting to give up on music altogether.

“This is the first time I have said this but this is a farewell tour,” Lulu told Lorraine while chatting about her upcoming ‘Champagne for Lulu’ tour. She explained the tour would be “with family and friends” and hoped it would create “a little ‘who, what, when,” atmosphere. 

“I did a tour last year which was gruelling for many reasons,” she continued. “I don’t have to go into them all but I’m 75, I don’t feel it but I am.” She then added: “I thought it’s got to be a celebration because you know how much I love to sing.”

Speaking about the name of the tour, Lulu admitted it was taken from the famous Jennifer Saunders Absolutely Fabulous quote. “Thank you Jennifer,” the ‘Shout’ singer said. “Because she uses it in Ab Fab, wherever I go in the world there are people that just call out in the street, ‘Champagne for Lulu’.”

On the subject of her fans, Lulu admitted she realised today’s announcement might mean “my die hard fans will not be happy” but she stressed “I’m not saying I’m going to stop.”

“I want to work and I want to keep on working. I am going to do an album with very interesting people. So this is a celebration. I start in Glasgow and I do two warm up gigs, before the tour opens in my hometown,” she said.

Teasing some of the 'friends' fans might be able to expect to join Lulu for her next project, she said: “Gary Barlow called me before but he is not necessarily coming but we talked, let me just say.”

Lulu’s Champagne for Lulu tour begins with warm up dates in Glenrothes and Aberdeen on 6th and 7th April. It will end on 17th April at The London Palladium.

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