'I had to have something to do' Ricky Wilson hilariously explains his on-stage antics with Kaiser Chiefs in chat with Scouting for Girls

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28 Nov 2023, 14:23

Ricky Wilson had pop sensation Scouting for Girls in stitches whilst exchanging tales of on-stage antics and the inevitable injuries that came with, in Ricky's words, 'throwing myself around like an idiot'.

The band, Scouting for Girls, caught up with their noughties musical contemporary, Ricky Wilson, whilst appearing on his drive time show segment Rick-On-Tour.

Unfortunately, the guys from the group where unable to join Ricky in the studio, joining him over video call from what they described as 'one of the worst dressing rooms I think in the entire world.'

Fortunately though, this appearance is coming from a dressing room of a sold out gig in Northampton, as part of an entirely sold out tour in support of their latest album, The Place We Used To Meet.

Things have been going to so well for the band that Ricky even joked that 'there's no real point in me having you on' for the promotion boost Virgin Radio provides.

It seems the band's success, like their idol Elvis, ain't dead.

Although Ricky had the band laughing from the offset of their chat, it was when the fellow musicians recounted some of his former onstage antics that the Kaiser Chiefs frontman laughing like Ha Ha Ha Ha Haa.

Realising that both Scouting for Girls and Ricky are enjoying gigging 'even more now', they also came to accept that age, though it may not have dulled the fun mentally, has certainly taken its toll on their bodies.

Ricky went into details once the Scouting for Girls frontman, Roy Snide, noted that his 14 year old son had become quite the fan of The Kaiser Chiefs and had started to ask why Snide doesn't 'do some of the things that Ricky does.'

Well, as Ricky was quick to point out, did.

The host revealed that: "I've slowed down a bit. I mean, not too much. But, but I can't do what I used to do."

Snide, amazed by Ricky's manic antics on stage, then wondered if he'd ever really injured himself.

Cue Ricky's hilarious rant: "Oh, tremendously so. Yeah, I'm like titanium now. And not in a good way.

"Not in a like, like a pop star way just a bad way. Also I don't have to play an instrument. So I had to have something to do, which was basically throw myself around like an idiot."

Snide then also remembered Ricky's penchant for 'climbing things' and although Ricky's legs might be slower now, his wit isn't, firing back with: "I didn't even have a little bag of talc on my belt," referring to the bag of powder professional climbers use.

Ricky then finished with: "That'll be the next thing. But people might talk about that, they might think it's a bit nefarious. I don't know what they might think is in the bag of talc."

Watch the full interview just below:

Scouting for Girls latest album, The Place We Used to Meet, is out now.

If you'd like to book tickets for their tour next year, you can do so via their website here.