The Vaccines on their new album - plus watch their live session

Virgin Radio

17 Sep 2021, 13:09

The Vaccines playing live at Virgin Radio

The Vaccines playing live at Virgin Radio

The band joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about their fifth studio album, Back In Love City, and about their 2022 tour. They also played a superb live session.

Back In Love City, which is a concept record set in a fictional location, is out now. Regarding Love City, Vocalist/guitarist Justin Hayward-Young told Chris: “Music is escapism, isn’t it? And I think we wanted to create a world that we wanted to go and visit.”

He continued: “It’s a different place to different people, on any given day. We still have internal discussions and arguments about where it might be and what it might look like, and what might go on there, but it’s supposed to represent that really. Because I think emotions, love, hate, anger, despair, hope, all those sorts of things, are different things to different people on different days, right? So, whatever you want it to be, that is Love City and that is where it is.”

During their live session, the band played Alone Star, which is the latest single from their new album. They also played Headphones Baby from the same record.

The Album was recorded in 2019 and finished before the pandemic hit. Justin explained: “We went to El Paso, just outside of Texas, and immersed ourselves in the environment there, and had probably the best time we’ve ever had really, being in the band and making music and recording together.” 

The vocalist added: “I think you can hear that on the record. I think it’s a record full of joy and fun and silliness.”

When talking about how the record is only now being released, two years after it was first created, Justin said: “We did sit on the record for a bit, and we thought at the time that we probably had a finished record, but one of the very few benefits of sitting around for 18 months with nothing to do was that we listened to the record more than we normally would maybe, and decided that it could perhaps be a little better. 

“So we ended up adding a song and adding some additional production, and I think, as a result, we probably have a much better record.”

The band’s live session featured an amazing cover of The Cardigans’ My Favourite Game, and If You Wanna, which was released in 2011, and was lifted from the band’s debut album; What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

The Vaccines arrived at the Virgin Radio studios fresh from having played at Electric Brixton in London last night (16th September) as part of an intimate tour that runs until October 5th in Bournemouth. Of the Brixton gig, Justin said: “It was very gratifying, after waiting to put this record out for 18 months, two years. It was very exciting and fulfilling to have these songs sung back to us by our old friends. It was electric. It was great.”

If you aren’t going to be lucky enough to catch the group live over the next couple of weeks, then fear not, because tickets for their headline 2022 tour are on sale now. The tour starts in Manchester on the 14th April 2022 and ends in Glasgow on the 24th of the same month. The run of shows also takes in Wembley Arena on 21st April, which Justin said is “very exciting, a bucket-list thing.”

Of their 2022 tour, the singer said: “We’re here, there, and everywhere. Finally!”

Back In Love City is out now. For tickets to the band’s 2022 tour, visit

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