Watch Crowded House perform LIVE and tell Chris Evans about their new album Gravity Stairs

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6 Jun 2024, 10:19

Crowded House on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar

Credit: Virgin Radio

Crowded House took to the Top of the Tower to share some insights into their new album, and performed a fan-favourite classic as well as a fresh new track. 

The Australian rockers joined The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar to dish out all the details about their eighth studio album, Gravity Stairs, which is out now. 

The 11-track album was named after a stone staircase near to where founding member Neil Finn vacations, and there was plenty of other surprising inspirational moments that got them through the album process. 



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Discussing their latest track, Teenage Summer, which the indie rockers performed this morning (6th June), frontman Neil revealed it was actually the next generation of Finns that helped change things up. 

The latest single, the vocalist shared how a five-year-old Finn family member got involved. He explained: “The title of Teenage Summer was formerly known as Life’s Imitation. It survived like that for quite a long time.”

The youngster was “enthusing” about the new track, and called it Teenage Summer, which became the official name that stuck. 

“The light went on,” Neil continued. “He's just identified the key moment of the song, and it's not the title. So I changed it for him, because the children must be heard. 

“I thought it was a beautiful juxtaposition of the old fella looking back at teenage summer and the young fella looking forward.”

Speaking on the next generation, Crowded House started life with Neil as well as brother Tim, and since then, it’s expanded to include sons Liam and Elroy. They might've joined the band later in their success, but they still helped bring out the magic for a stunning rendition of their 1993 classic Distant Sun.

While joining his dad at the Top of the Tower, Liam explained how his role on guitars and drums came to be. He explained: “I've played music with my father and with [bass player] Nick [Seymour] for many years, and the fact that this is just an actual official role in the band, the only difference is that I get to do guitar solos now. 

“It's great. We feel like a real band. We have a group text that's just as silly as any band I've ever been in. It sort of defies any kind of generation and makes it unique.”

To celebrate the album's release, the band are also embarking on the Gravity Stairs Tour, which will take them across the UK throughout June. They’ll kick things off on 10th June at a sold-out show in Kingston before heading to London, Lincoln, Aldermaston, Halifax, and Cardiff before finishing things up in Cork, Ireland. 

Crowded House’s new album, Gravity Stairs, is out now. Tickets for their tour are available on

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