Banksy’s Ukraine murals get £10,000 of high-tech security installed

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24 Feb 2023, 19:46

High-tech security systems installed on Banksy’s Ukraine murals

Credit: Ajax Systems

Four of Banksy's murals in the Kyiv region which were created last year as a statement of support for Ukrainians’ resilience against Russia’s invasion have been given extra special protection. $13,000 worth of security and monitoring apparatuses have been installed by a Ukrainian-founded international security company.

Ajax Systems has installed high-tech shockproof glass and alarms to ensure 24/7 protection of the symbolic murals on buildings after a theft attempt in Kyiv suburb Hostomel last December.

A spokesperson for Ajax said the project 'was developed by the initiative of the Kyiv regional military administration and local administration'.

Deputy head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Torkunov, said: “Banksy’s works have cultural and historical value for the country as a reminder that light will win over darkness. It is important to resist possible vandalism attempts that have already happened.”

Acting head of the village council of the formerly-occupied suburb Borodyanka, Heorhii Yerko, said of the iconic images created by Banksy: “These art objects are war artefacts that we must preserve for Ukrainians."

Banksy's works are now 'protected against potential vandalism and weather conditions' with round-the-clock monitoring and are overseen by a security company called Sheriff 'until delivered to the museum'.

"Usually, street art does not require protection,” said Valentine Hrytsenko, the chief marketing officer at Ajax Systems. “But the war makes its adjustments. For Ukrainians, Banksy's murals are a symbol of invincibility with an essential message which we want to capture for our future generations."

Hrytsenko added: "The murals are a major symbol of resistance, important for the whole world and we want to protect them."

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