Five reasons never to sleep with wet hair

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24 Feb 2023, 17:10

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It can be all too tempting when tired to go to bed with your hair still wet.

Whether you had to wait until the kids were in bed, or just couldn't face drying it after the gym, it can be damaging to go to sleep with it damp.

A hairdresser has shared the reasons why you should think twice before heading to bed.

She shared in a TikTok video: ''It can lead to severe hair breakage".

Not only that, but it can also lead to: "fungus and yeast growth, dandruff and dermatitis, acne and scalp ringworm".

Scalp ringworm is a rash caused by a fungal infection, and can cause severe itching and bald patches.

Hair lovers on TikTok ran to the comment section to ask the important questions.

''How does our hair know we’re sleeping" asked one.

Another disputed the claim, insisting: ''I’ve always showered before bed and my hairdressers always compliment the health of my hair.''

''Hmmmm been doing this for 40 years with no problems and extremely healthy hair,'' said another.

However one person agreed: 'I would keep my microfiber wrap on for too long after washing my hair and ended up with a scalp yeast infection. never knew that was even possible!''

In the comments the hairdresser replied: "Hair is in its most fragile state when wet so sleeping with it when wet can cause a whole host of issues, bacteria build up does the rest."

She added: "Sleeping with wet hair can increase the risk of developing fungal infections of the scalp as pillows are a hotbed for fungal growth."

The hairdresser explained that tossing and turning at night when the hair is fragile is a top cause for breakage.

Have you been guilty of this?