Ben and Jerry’s to develop new special recipe to stop ice cream melting at higher temperatures

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24 Feb 2023, 13:51

Ben & Jerry's ice cream tubs

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Ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s are hoping to bring out a new ice cream that won’t melt at higher temperatures so they can cut down on energy. 

Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum ice creams owner Unilever will aim to make their delicious treats with a higher melting point so they can cut down on storage energy and therefore, their carbon footprint. 

The new recipes will look to increase starch and remove some of the sugar content, but it’ll be difficult to get the balance right and not impact the flavour. 

If they do make the higher melting point, it’s thought that it would cut the carbon footprint of freezers in shops by 30%. 

The idea is that the ice cream products would be stored at -12C, with -18C being the current standard. 

Professor Douglas Goff, an ice cream expert at the University of Guelph in Canada, told the Times: “What controls the amount of ice at any given temperature (hence the hardness) is how much sugars, and lactose from the milk solids, is dissolved in the water. 

“Since sugars don’t dissolve in ice, if there is less water, there is more sugar dissolved in it, hence it stays unfrozen until the temperature is lowered a bit more.”

He added: “So if your goal is to make harder ice cream, you simply use less sugar. Of course, now you have to rebalance the sweetness.”

Unilever has apparently been working on the idea of a higher melting point for around 10 years, and have been trialling warmer freezers in Germany. 

There’s been plenty of ice cream news out this month, with Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello both bringing out their very first iced treat range. 

Available in three flavours, there's the favourite nutty chocolate which comes with hazelnut flavoured cream, with a hazelnut and cocoa swirl, and nut garnish.

There's the Ferrero Rocher Dark ice cream with a dark chocolate coating and roasted hazelnut pieces, or the Raffaello ice cream which features coconut flavoured ice cream, a crispy white coating with coconut shavings and almond pieces.