TikTok is coming to new Mercedes-Benz cars by 2024

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24 Feb 2023, 10:34

TikTok set to launch in Mercedes cars through infotainment system

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TikTok is on the move and will soon be heading into our motors. The social media giant has grown wheels and will be integrated with the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class set to launch at the end of 2023 in their next generation of MB.OS vehicles.

TikTok will be accessible from the 'superscreen' that will take up the whole dashboard of the new cars and will allow drivers to watch videos and interact while, of course, parked. Part of the screen will be directly in front of the passenger seat allowing people to watch videos, stream music and browse the Internet while the car is in motion.

A small built-in camera at the top of the dashboard can also be used for taking selfies, while video conferencing and photography 'will only be possible when the car is stopped', according to Mercedes-Benz.


Credit: Mercedes

The E-class will be available with a 'fully glass dashboard that includes a passenger touchscreen' plus technologies designed to 'reduce potential driver distractions' such as a camera to detect how long the driver has been looking in the screen's direction, and will dim the passenger screen if necessary.

A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson told American news website, Axios: "We were looking for apps that make an impact and wanted to discover this new innovative [Mercedes-Benz] user experience with us."

Alongside TikTok, other apps coming with the new Mercedes include Zoom, Webex, Vivaldi and Angry Birds. They are even in 'conversation with other partners' to consider social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit featuring in the vehicles.

Credit: Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz CEO, Ola Källenius, said about TikTok in Asia: "It is highly, highly relevant.

"Let’s not forget that the average age of an S-Class owner in China is around or below 40 years old."

He added: "When we choose all these different apps, we go market by market or region by region.

"We look at what is the most used — music or film [and] so on — and we tried to go down that list."

A driver monitoring system will 'also be in place to track where the driver is looking'.

Hmmm. Think we'll just stick with listening to Virgin Radio, thanks.

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