This cutlery tip can slash the time it takes to cook a jacket potato

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27 Jan 2023, 18:06

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Jacket potatoes are perfect for winter, but sometimes they take too long.

This Morning’s chef, Phil Vickery, has shared a tip involving cutlery that will make things much quicker.

Who knew that by using a trusty teaspoon, it could cut the time by 20 minutes?

Vickery swears by this tip for reducing cooking time and says his method also produces crispy skin.

Phil explained: “You can microwave them and finish them in the oven for a crispy skin. 

“Now, the thing to say also is - always, always, always use a sharp knife and score the potato around the outside [before you cook it] because they will explode otherwise. 

“Sometimes, if you start potatoes in a cooler oven and [the temperature] gets hotter, it bakes the skin so tight they will expand and explode.

"Not all the time, but it does happen, so I always [score] them. 

“I also put a teaspoon in the potato - not when cooking in the microwave - but [cooking the potato in] a conventional oven, it cuts the cooking time down by at least about 20 minutes.” 

Phillip asked: “Is that because the spoon gets so hot the heat goes down the spoon [handle] and into the centre of the potato?” 

Vickery: “Yes. You can use ready-made jacket potato spikes and you put them on all four and into the oven, or you can use a skewer, but it certainly makes a difference."

“I reckon it will take 15-20 minutes off the cooking time, so 35-40 minutes as opposed to an hour.” 

You can also microwave it first to reduce the time further, but don't put the teaspoon in the microwave.

Place the potato in the microwave on a plate on high for three minutes.

Next, turn it over and microwave for another three minutes. 

Put the spoon in and then place in the oven for around twenty minutes.