Washing machine expert says this is why you should never use a quick cycle

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31 Mar 2022, 16:18

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If you've left a wash to the last minute it can be tempting to stick it on a quick cycle.

However, one washing machine expert says this is a bad idea for your bank account.

One expert who owns a washing machine shop posted on TikTok confirming there is one mistake people always do.

You should never use the fast setting on some loads of washing.

If you have a particularly heavy load of washing to do, like towels or bedding, you should never put it on the quick was setting.

Towels get very heavy when wet, so the short 28-minute cycle doesn't separate the fabric enough to clean them properly.

The weight can also damage your machine if you're not careful.

"When it goes really quick if those towels clump together, it's gonna put a lot of strain on the drum and start shaking about," he said.

It's better to choose the cotton setting on your machine, which is around two and a half hours for most people.

Next, press the speed setting to shorten the time to an hour and a half instead.

You then have more time for the machine to properly clean everything, with no damage.

One commenter admitted: "This might be the reason I've had five washing machine deaths in the last 10 years."

A second added: "I never use a fast wash! The detergent needs time to dissolve and work properly."

And a third said: "My washing machine engineer explained this to me! Really should be explained in the manual.

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