Iceland release new Capri Sun ice lollies and shoppers are loving it

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31 Mar 2022, 11:51

Image of the Capri-Sun Freezies sold by Iceland

Credit: Newsfoodsuk Facebook

It might be snowing where you are today, but Iceland has begun selling new frozen Capri-Sun lollies in time for summer.

The supermarket has started stocking the vegan-friendly lollies modelled on the popular juice drink with a variety of flavours. The lollies currently come in orange and cherry, but more flavours are expected to be released just ahead of the warmer months.

Sharing the announcement on Facebook, the page Newsfoodsuk said: "New Capri-Sun Ice Lollies! What a time to be alive! Now available at Iceland Foods".

Apparently, people were quite excited about the release because the post had attracted more than 6,000 likes and over 23,000 comments from Iceland shoppers and Capri-Sun fans alike.

One person wrote: “They will be added to my shopping list. Yum”.

Another said: “Omg they look amazing ”.

A third wrote: “Next on my list, as if I need any more in the freezer.”

While a fourth joked: “Iceland need to stop it with these lollies, there's so many I want and now I can't choose  ”

However, there were many others who said they already enjoyed a frozen Capri-Sun lolly by putting one of the juice pouches in the freezer and cutting the top.

One person wrote: “Been doing this for decades, cut a slit in the bottom of a Capri sun, insert stick and freeze.”

A second said: “Freezing a Capri-Sun does the same thing.. just cut it open like a jubbly lolly."

In other frozen dessert news, Aldi has brought back their hugely popular Wao Mochi ice cream balls with brand-new flavours.

The Japanese-inspired dessert is the supermarket’s dupe of the insanely popular Little Moons, but, unlike the former (which cost as much as £5), Wao Mochi Balls are just £3.49.

The ice cream balls are currently available to purchase in-store or via Click & Collect.