Student left devastated after eating a rare Cadbury Creme Egg worth up to £10k

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14 Mar 2022, 13:25

Credit: Getty / Cadbury's

Talk about leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. Imagine tucking into a Creme Egg and finding out you've just scoffed thousands of pounds.

The Creme Egg hunt reared its head at the beginning of the year and hid 146 half white, half milk chocolate Creme Eggs in UK shops. The contest to find the rare treat ends on April 17, so there's still time... But not for one unlucky man.

An anonymous student posted his story on Reddit and shared the gutting news.

He said: "I am an international student studying in the UK, and so I don’t really keep up with the ads here.

"A few months ago, Cadbury released 146 prize-winning eggs across the country with the chance of winning a range of cash prizes including £10,000 (which is half my university tuition).

Credit: Cadbury

"Long story short, I was scrolling through Instagram today and saw the prize-winning egg that looked identical to the one I ate a couple of hours ago.

"It then dawned on me. I potentially ate £10,000."

He added: "I don’t actually know what else to say other than utter defeat. I think I have officially hit the lowest point in the short 21 years of my life."

Users advised: "To claim, you simply call a number that’s printed on the tin foil wrapping of the winning egg."

Another added: "That's irrelevant. Even if you ate the egg, the code you need is on the wrapper, you don't need the egg itself. So you enjoyed the chocolate, get the packaging out of the bin and collect your winnings!"