The clever reason why coffee lids have a tiny second hole

Virgin Radio

14 Mar 2022, 12:59

Credit: Getty

You learn something new everyday. The little hole on the lids of takeaway coffee cups is actually very important.

According to Wonderopolis, the gap is essential to enable the flow of liquid and to stop you getting burnt.

They said: "The tiny hole provides a pleasant drinking experience by preventing splashback and allowing the liquid to flow. 

"Air must get into the container to replace the liquid that's being poured out, and there's only one hole for liquid to exit and air to enter.

"When the smooth flow of liquid stops momentarily, that's when the liquid is being forced to stop to allow air to enter the container.

"The second hole also acts as another exit for steam from inside the cup."

They continued: "A sealed lid could easily melt from the steam created by scalding-hot coffee. However, the drinking hole and the second, tiny hole both allow steam to escape to keep the lid from melting."

Anyone for a coffee?