Shoppers praise ASDA for re-naming its 'feminine hygiene' aisle

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1 Mar 2022, 16:13

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About time too. There's nothing wrong with the word 'period'. Period. So it's time to say farewell to the 'feminine hygiene' lane in the popular supermarket and people are applauding it.

High-fiving the modern move on Twitter, users have shown appreciation for the supermarket and the sign which will now read simply 'period products'.

One grateful user wrote online: "Thank you and a massive shout out to @asda for leading the way in changing the language around menstruation. Sanitary hygiene or feminine hygiene suggests menstrual products are for something dirty. Time to change the language."

Credit: ASDA

Another added: "We’re nearly there with accurately named period products at my local @asda."

A third added: "Use language we all understand! Goodbye 'feminine hygiene' hello 'period products'. Nice one Asda!"

The reason for the much-needed change? One person explained: "Feminine hygiene also sounds really clinical and that having a period is dirty!"

Credit: Twitter

Another agreed previously: "Words like ‘sanitary’ and ‘feminine hygiene’ imply that periods are dirty – contributing to construct that periods are something to be shameful about, never discussed, hidden away."

One user commented: "It is crucial that we start having open conversations about feminine hygiene and break the stigma that periods are a dirty subject. It is important to talk about how we are not be ashamed to be among people who menstruate."

Will any other supermarkets throw the (sanitary) towel in and do the same?